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Meet The Team

Originally from Sydney, Therese grew up enjoying success in amateur competitions from an early age winning multiple state and national titles. She was invited to perform at the Closing Ceremony of the 2000 Olympic games after which made the decision to join the professional category and move to America. Therese worked as a teacher, choreographer and Pro-Am instructor in California for 10 years before moving to the Midwest. Her successful competitive career, made Therese one of the most sought after coaches and instructors. 

She is the founder of The Dance Knot  in Brisbane.

Her teaching style is fun and personable and she takes great pride in watching her students reach their goals socially and competitively. 

Originally from Bulgaria, Tony was a competitive dancer at a young age and has won many prestigious awards in his home country. In 2000 Tony was the recipient of Bulgaria's Dancesport Federation high achievement award in the field of ballroom dance. He represented his country at the Balkans showdance the same year.

Tony graduated from the National Sports Academy with dancesport Teacher Degree in 2002. Seeking further development of his teaching and dancing he moved to USA in 2006 and he has been teaching and competing with his students successfully since. 


Therese Clarke

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Tony Karadzhov

What We Do

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Here at TNT DanceWorks our goal is to get you moving!

We teach all types of Ballroom, Latin  and New Vogue  dances  that make up  the International style that are mostly used here in Australia and the American styles of Smooth and Rhthymn dances that are fastly becoming  poplar within the social scenes.  From a waltz and  a cha cha to a foxtrot ,or swing we provide detailed instruction  for each style. We 

are certified and experienced ballroom dance instructors  dedicated to providing comprehensive lessons by sharing knowledge of the dances in a fun and enthusiastic way.

Not sure where to start your dance journey? Here is a description of the different ways on offer.  

Taking private dance lessons is the quickest way for singles and couples to  learn and enhance their dancing skills  by taking advantage of one on one instruction at your own pace.  The lessons are tailored to your own learning style and  level  of  interest. Scheduling your private lesson is easy. We offer daytime, evening or weekend times ,  that fit in with your busy lifestyle. 

You will  start with the basic patterns and easy principals of dance, such as: lead and follow and dancing in time with the music. Dances are taught usually over the course of 4-6 weeks. Its a great way to meet new people and to discover your new talents.


Competitive Dancing


Ballroom Dance, like any other popular art forms, is a medium of expressing your emotions and an excellent form of physical activity, mental development and social interaction. People from different age groups can learn and enjoy Ballroom Dancing. It is the form of dance that can provide you with entertainment as well as health benefits. It is a good way to relieve stress and has been documented to aid in the treatment of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and MS  

For many decades Ballroom Dancing has been at the center of social occasions and celebratory events.  - weddings, debutante balls, high school dances, and even  romantic night outs - to name a few. Ballroom dance has been a fundamental part of blossoming romances and forming friendships. Whilst Ballroom Dancing has been historically center to social occasions, there has been significant shift from art to sport.

The competitive side of ballroom dancing is known as DanceSport. It is rapidly becoming a serious hobby for people of all ages and one of the most attractive occupations for dancers to pursue. Dancesport  requires a couple to demonstrate the characteristics and the content of each dance using their own musical interpretations, combined with the technique and the physical and mental stamina . 

It is not by accident that Martha Graham said; "The great dancers are not great because of their technique . they are great because of their passion to the dance"

Ballroom & Latin

Dance Lessons for Pro-Am

Professional with Amateur  category is not new in Ballroom Dancing. In  the United States alone there are more than 90 competitions and events every year where students can compete with there professional dance partner.  Pro-Am is for any age and level. You can have a opportunity to pursue your passion for dance  even if you are starting later in life. Dancing with your  instructor fast tracks  the learning process  and builds confidence. There are many opportunities   for  Pro -Am dancers to utilize their new skills and demonstrate their abilities in partner dancing  by performing in showcases and or competitions which are held  locally , state and worldwide. 

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