Sharpen Your Ballroom Dancing Skills with The Best Ballroom Dance Lessons

Updated: Mar 11

Ballroom Dance, like any other popular art forms, is a medium of expressing your emotions and an excellent way for physical activity, mental development and social interaction. People from different age group can learn and perform Ballroom Dance. It is such a type of dance that can provide you with fun as well as health benefits. There are various other benefits of ballroom dance, but before getting to those, you must know about this dance form.

Ballroom dance is a kind of social dancing which is originated from Europe. The word ‘ballroom dance” is derived from the Latin word “ballare” that denotes “to dance”. Earlier, the ballroom dance was specified for the privileged people and is associated with the invitational dance events.

During the early modern period in the 16th century, Minuet dance was introduced in Paris which dominated till the 18th century. After that, Waltz, Polka and Mazurka were introduced in the 19th century. Then the 20th century gives rise to the dance forms such as Fox-trot, Two-step and Tango. Nowadays, the standard Ballroom dance includes the Waltz, Polka, Tango, Cha-Cha and Salsa.

Dancing doesn’t mean that you are just performing the steps along with the music. However, it helps build and enhance personality, removes social inhibitions, brings inner joy, peace and harmony and helps in healing your mind, your body and your soul. Besides, there are several other benefits too.

  1. One of the most important things you can learn from Ballroom dance is to build trust. Dance partners are performing this type of dance, thus help in creating a great partnership and will help you to learn team-building.

  2. It helps in improving the fitness of the body by burning the calories while you are doing the aerobic movements. It also helps in toning of the muscles when you are resisting the body strength of your partner. The fast movements of the dance will help you to build your muscles. Men have to increase their power as they have to lift their female partners.

  3. Some people feel shy to get on the dance floor in front of the audience. For these people, ballroom dance becomes the medium of building confidence as you get a partner and do not have to dance alone on stage. The more you practice your dance, the more you will feel positive about yourself and overcome the fear of being the center of attention.

  4. While you are learning the ballroom dance, you can develop a connection between your inner thoughts and feelings. Ballroom dance helps us to learn more about our feelings and learn to let those feelings flow and expressing those feelings through dance.

  5. Ballroom dance can help the children to learn discipline and how to respect others. It also helps in building cooperation, teamwork, confidence and accomplishment in your children. While learning this dance form, they can improve their skills of confidence and self-development. It can also develop the posture and physical growth of the children.

Now that you have learnt about the Ballroom Dance and its benefits let’s promote this dance form in our community. In the ballroom dance for the beginners, the instructors usually swap the partners so that the dancers can make new friends. Ballroom dancing is associated with disciplined steps, but if you are making a few mistakes, then don’t worry. No other dancer remains perfect while start learning, so just is accidentally doing the wrong step then take it as a challenge and learn from the mistakes.

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