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Updated: Mar 11

Pro-Am Latin Dance

One of the fantastic things about dancing is that the people of any age group can perform it. Ballroom Dance is a spectacular dance form right from the mesmerizing rhythms to the graceful forms created by the dancers and the dazzling outfits. Among various types of Ballroom Dance, one type has recently emerged known as Pro-Am dance form. However, in some places, it is still in its primary phase, as it is performed at privileged venues with expert dancers.

What is the Pro-Am dance?

The combination of a professional (Pro) and an amateur (Am) dance pair is known as Pro-Am Dance. Apart from typical dance forms, in this dance half of the partnership is a professional who instructs, and the other half is the learner. Having a professional partner has some excellent benefits and it is also a lot of fun.

How does Pro-Am partnership work?

Professional-Amateur (Pro-Am) dancing is quite a simple idea. It is often referred to as dancing among teachers and student. For the student, the Pro is the creator of "plan for progress". This dance form is not reserved only for the elite people and everyone can perform this dance. The members of Pro-Am dance teams are mainly devoted to their instructors. For the trainer and the students, it is a beautiful experience with tournaments all over the world.

Opportunities for performing Pro-Am for amateurs

If you want to build your popularity as a Ballroom Dancer, then Pro-Am will be the best option because you can perform Ball Dance at Social parties with your instructor. Besides, in these parties you can meet other professional dancer and being an Amateur you can learn different formation and styles of ballroom dance.

How to start as Pro-Am dancer?

● If you are in the beginner stage of learning the Ballroom dance, then you must find a partner who is an expert.

● Once you find your partner, it is necessary to set up your goals. Setting up the goals will help you to stick to your plan and practice continues to achieve your goals.

● During the lessons, you must have a structured approach towards learning different skills of Ballroom dance. This is very helpful and will keep your mind organized during the dance lessons.

There's one thing that makes Ballroom different from other dance forms. It is a partner dance form, where the body's proximity enables the power of body language to communicate honestly and in uninterrupted way. Pro-Am dance form is one of the best things in the syllabus of dance as it has made the art of couple dance very easy.

Now that you have an idea about the Pro-Am ballroom dance, you can avail it to increase the skills of your dancing and will help you to achieve your dancing goals. However, if you are a beginner, then you must find a partner of your level. This will be your best option as you can compete for your ability with someone from your class.

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